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1/14/2021: We’re making some changes to the website, so you might find some things looking incomplete or behaving strangely for a little while. You can still order products, but please email me using the contact form at the bottom of this page for currently available fabric choices.

Shown above is Nelly, Hot Diggity Dog Wear’s inspiration and top model.

Fleece Fashion — Keep Your Best Friend Cozy!

Hot Diggity Dog Wear brings you the finest in fleece dog clothing to keep your beloved companion warm…with a fashionable flair! Created with love by Nadine, an experienced patternmaker & dog lover.

Meet Nadine and Nelly

Hot diggity dog! With so much encouragement from family, friends and customers, and with help from my Webmistress, I finally have a website! I am Nadine and this is my furbaby, “Nelly,” my inspiration for fleece dog jackets and accessories.

With many years as a designer and a pattern maker for Los Angeles clothing manufacturers, I have used my skills to fashion and fit custom coats for Nelly and my customers’ dogs.

Having lived close to the beach for years, Nelly was very comfortable wearing her reversible fleece hooded jacket. Whenever the mornings were cool and the evenings chilly, I would dress her up in cozy fleece to watch the sunset and play with the other dogs.

A year ago I moved to Jacksonville, Oregon, where we have four distinct seasons. Everyone here has a dog and every dog wears some sort of jacket or accessory. When Nelly wears her hoodie coat or her hoodie rain slicker, everybody comments on how cute she looks. I thank them for the compliment and I mention that I made it…and then they ask me if I have a website! Well now I’m proud to say “yes I do!!!”

In 2019, Sandy — owner of one of Jacksonville’s finest clothing stores, La Bohème — approached me to design and make dog scarves. She created a “Kerby Korner” for Kerby, her poodle, and all his friends to shop. It was very successful and her shop sold 40 scarves in six different prints during the holiday season! I feel very blessed to have Sandy’s encouragement and support.

My website offers custom reversible jackets, scarves and bandanas. You pick the print or solid color you want, and for coats, a pairing of two that complement each other.

I offer five sizes in all categories: Reversible coats, scarves that sport a beautiful, pet-friendly coconut button and bandanas. If you can’t find the correct size or combination I will adjust the pattern for a perfect fit…just ask! Complimentary!

 I have designed the bandanas to wear on the collar. They have a tunnel or (casing) that the collar slides through and stays fixed to the size you adjust your pet’s collar to for a fun look!

I am working on a holiday print section for all the seasons so you can pre-order for that time of year! I’m also working on a “Sports” section for the sports enthusiast!

Welcome to and have fun ordering clothing for your favorite furbaby or furfriend!

Thank you for your support and caring about the comfort of your lovable pet!

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I encourage fun photos of your furbaby wearing the latest in Hot Diggity Dog Wear and I will post in my Customer Action Shot Gallery!! Send your photos to:

Nelly says “Woof Woof!!” That means “Thank you with all my Heart! “

Nadine with Nelly, her inspiration, muse, and model since 2011.

Nelly’s cozy napping in her Hot Diggity Dog Wear scarf.

Nelly likes to stay warm napping in her Hot Diggity Dog Wear bandana, too.

Sometimes Nelly gets chilly at dinnertime and wants to wear her scarf.

How to Measure Your Dog

It’s important that your dog’s clothes fit properly. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your dog’s measurements are correct so you can order the right size. Here’s how.

The measurements on our size chart are of the actual garment in inches. Don’t worry if your dog is in between sizes because our dog garments are fastened with Velcro. We stitch the Velcro so it won’t interfere with your dog’s fur.

If the girth and neck are the correct size but you need a different length for your dog, order the size that fits your dog’s girth and add a note requesting the length that best suits your dog.

No extra charge for custom lengths!

2019 Fall/Winter Line

Our double-layer fleece dog coats with contrasting inner layer keep your canine companion cozy in high style! For days when it’s not quite so cold, try our fleece scarves and bandanas.

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